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Department of Chemistry

+ Department of Chemistry

The department of chemistry came into being in 1947, the year in which the college was established. Honors in chemistry were opened in 1978 to cater the needs of students of the undivided Koraput district. M.Sc. in chemistry was opened in 1993 as per the demands of the students seeking higher studies.

The Department was served by eminent teachers in the past bringing high reputation to the department. At present, the number of faculty of the department is 06(six).The teachers are sincere and committed. The sincerity and dedication of the faculty has been, to an extent, able to offset the shortfall in sanctioned strength. This is reflected in the success percentage and achievements by the students, as reflected in the student profile.

The college being an autonomous college it prepares its own curriculum. The Board of studies of chemistry, comprising the Head of the department, two senior teachers of the Department and learned teachers from the nearby colleges decided to introduce the CBCS syllabus guided by UGC model curriculum from academic session 2015-16 in UG programme and from academic session 2016-17 in PG Programme. To cope with the new CBCS curriculum the students are oriented properly in the welcome meeting itself and the teaching staff also provided with a good seminar library with some new books. To inculcate Laboratory skills to the students new laboratory equipments like pHmeter, Conductivity meter, Potentiometer, Spectrophotometer, electronic balance etc are procured.

The students of the college are sincere and hardworking which is reflected in the success rate of the students of the department. The percentage of success of the students of the department has been reasonably good over the last five years. The students of the Department have qualified in many state and national level competitive examinations and few of them also qualified in CBSE NET examination and are involved in research work in prestigious organizations like DRDO, TIFR, RRL etc.

The faculty attends to the problems faced by the students in the academics and guides them to cope with the pressure of studies.

The Department has potential to grow into a centre of excellence if the physical and the organic infrastructural needs are fulfilled.

+ Faculty

Name: Shri Ranjan Kumar Pradhan, HoD
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc (Chem.), M.Sc ( Ecology & Env.)
Contact No: 09437338582
Email Id:
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Name: Dr. Braja Bandhu Nanda
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D
Contact No: +91-9937175674
Email Id:
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Name: Dr. Sujit Kumar Dehury
Designation: Lecturer in Chemistry, (O.E.S - I)
Qualification: M.Tech (IIT Bombay), M.S. (USA), Ph.D
Contact No: 91-9778471720 / 8763124685
Email Id:
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Name: Dr. Ujwal K Sarangi
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: PhD (IITM), Post-doc (UOH)
Contact No: 9078879204
Email Id:
website :
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Name: Trishna Priyadarsini Pradhan
Designation: Jr. Lecturer In Chemistry
Qualification: M.Sc, M.Phill In Chemistry
Contact No: 9437840929
Email Id:
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Name: Santosh Ranjan Behera
Designation: Jr. Lecturer in Chemistry
Qualification: M.Sc (Chemistry), M. Ed
Contact No: 9437765181
Email Id:
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Name: Manasi Panda
Designation: Guest Faculty in Chemistry
Qualification: M.Sc, M.Phill, PGDCA
Contact No: 06854 - 251310
Email Id:
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Name: Pabitra Mohan Bissoyi
Designation: Guest Faculty in Chemistry
Qualification: M.Sc
Contact No: 9437586916
Email Id:
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Name: Girish Chandra Hota
Designation: Guest Faculty
Qualification: M.Sc
Contact No: 9937020582
Email Id:
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Name: Sruti Sudha Suar
Designation: Guest Faculty in Chemistry
Qualification: M.Sc, M.Phill
Contact No: 8763694900
Email Id:
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Name: Dr. Anand Chandra Samantray
Designation: Demonstrator
Qualification: M.Sc, Ph.D, LLB
Contact No: 09438102963
Email Id:
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Name: Jitendra Narayan Samanta
Designation: Demonstrator in Chemistry
Qualification: M.Sc, LLB
Contact No: 9437195295
Email Id:
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+ Publication


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Papers Published in International and National Seminars:
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Some Selected Publications (Journals & conference)

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Eco Physiological effect of Red Mud Waste of an Aluminum industries on the seed biology of a crop plant, Environmental challenges of Twenty first century, (2003) Chapter 10